The Similiarities between Big Oil and Government




Just like many journalists, I”m working on different angles of the BP story on a daily basis.  To help me think outside the box  I’ speak with my contacts.  One of my old contacts is oil wildcat, Paul HIlliard of Badger Oil. He sent me an email Thursday morning and what he wrote was so simple, yet so true:  “Petroleum is much like politics, both are a serious threat to mankind when they get out of control and both are a blessing to mankind if they are utilized properly.”

The delicate balance a true leader has to teeter on in my opinion is as thin as a strand of hair. We all know there is greed in business. Just look at the fall of the financial system. But greed is also running rampant in politics as well.  The greed I”m talking about is all about power. We all know the phrase about  “strength” in numbers but that doesn’t mean the team with the larger number always wins or makes the right choices. 

 The populist anger towards business right now is being replaced with a populist anger toward Washington.  Just look at the Tea Party. The group was created because they were disgusted by both sides of the aisle.  Many voters feel their  voices are not being heard. 

 A good leader looks beyond the trees in the forest to the cascading hills beyond. Just as Larry Lindsey has said time and time again, we the nation are looking for leaders of action versus leaders full of rhetoric. Let’s just hope the lessons learned from this disaster bring on logical reform. Higher standards for deep water drilling like they have overseas and not condemning an entire industry that employs millions of people. 


Author: loriannlarocco

I am the author of "Dynasties of the Sea: The Untold Stories of teh Postwar Shipping Pioneers", "Opportunity Knocking: Lessons from Business Leaders", "Thriving in the New Economy" and "Dynasties of the Sea: The Shipowners and Financiers Who Expanded the Era of Free Trade". I'm also the Senior Talent Producer at CNBC, and known as the producer with the trillion dollar Rolodex

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