My Interview on King World News

Had a great time taping my intv with Eric King last night on KWN. Talked about my newest billionaire in my Rolodex, Harold Hamm of Continental Resources. For those who don’t know him he is a self-made billionaire with a high school diploma 🙂 He is a great guest who has never “done tv” before. Nothing like a fresh face with skin in the game! Harold is the ultimate example of working hard and attaining the “American Dream”. Also talked about what CEOs are telling me about the economy. Tell me what you think 🙂

King World News Intv



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4 responses to “My Interview on King World News

  1. Interview @ KWN

    Stitching together a few snippits . . .

    ***Business can prepare for good news; business can prepare for bad news. What business cannot prepare for is UNCERTAINTY, and the biggest uncertainty is the future cost of employees, due mostly to the so-called “health care” bill.***

    It’s no wonder so many businesses are expanding everywhere but in the USA. Even GS & JPM are paring down operations in NYC and opening offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. If you have not yet secured your retirement / superannuation then you will be wage-slaving for the rest of your life, imho.


    • Thanks for comment 🙂 Your examples are perfect in terms of how companies are thriving in this new economy. Gov’t policy is often backward looking- fixing problems of the past. They rarely focuse on the future to strengthen the economic system. Wall St. has the brains and talent to see into the future and they realize what is going on now- they know the economy is bouncing along the bottom and will be like that for some time. There are opportunities to grow their companies overseas and any good leader would sieze on that.


  2. Hello Lori,

    Great to hear a person of such talent on KWN! I found the interview very informative! Thank you.


  3. Matt

    It was a good interview Lori (as are all pretty much anyone else who’s on KWN…one’s IQ grows listening to Eric’s guests)

    I just listened to the podcast of yours and saw you had Jim Rickards on a few hours ago. Outstanding. and you’re right business expanding everywhere outside the US. I’m a 22 year old expat living in Seoul and business is free to grow, low taxes, little to no crime, efficient infrastructure and all the rest.

    If policy doesn’t change in America to a pro-business atmosphere again, you’re going to see a real “brain drain” exodus of smart talented people from the US and they’ll go to Asia (China, Korea, Singapore, etc…) where opportunities abound. I just happened to be one of the first ones out the door.


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