Uncle Sam Needs To Go On A Diet

This blog is really a shout out to my buddy and contact Tony Fratto- our twitter conversation this am inspired me! Mrs. Obama is concerned about the obesity epidemic growing in America particularly in our children and a mom of three I appreciate that a whole lot. Now stay with me on this tangent….

I’m lucky- my kids are healthy and active in many sports where my friends don’t know how my husband and I do it. I tell them it’s a partnership between my hubby and I running arond and as a stereotypical italian I cook every night (and yes even give them dessert). I take into account the foods that go into my kids body and realize that everything ingested overall makes up a balanced diet. Maybe Congress should look at the diet they are feedin Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam on the other hand has be on a glutenous feast of pork for way too long. The buttons off his shirt have popped off. Actually exploded off (I had to duck when one went whizzing my head after the first “stimulus”). We don’t need just belt tightening Americans. Uncle Sam needs to go on a diet and stat! The arteries of America are clogged with Politicans who are prescribing an awful diet of spend, spend, spend. We need a balanced budget and spending needs to get under control.

I think Mrs. Obama needs to talk to her hubby about Uncle Sam’s weight. Maybe she can inspire him to take on a new prescription for our great nation. Right now, many would agree he is Dr. Kevorkian. This November we Americans have to take the health of our nation into our own hands because the “doctors” advising Uncle Sam are just prescribing junk food.


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