Wanted Change? You got it

In DC and I’m speaking with my contacts. Well folks, the voters that wanted “change”- well they got it.


In DC and I’m speaking with my contacts. Well folks, the voters that wanted “change”- well they got it. I’ve been told by manufacturing sources companies are getting hit now with astronomical health insurance increases because of the unknown the President’s health care plan has created. More companies are hiring temps now because they are cheaper b/c they don’t have to give them benefits, but the catch 22 with that is their productivity is not as robust as a hired employee and they are hitting the max in terms of what they can do with the staff they have.

Many of my CEOs are not hopeful for today’s town hall in terms of getting clarity and answers. I have been told it is more lip service. His actions are speaking louder than his words. They are not expecting any change. Just the same. I have also been told by some Democratic Supporters, this is a last ditch effort to help for the Mid-Term Election but it is too little to late. Let’s do a little poll 🙂

Author: loriannlarocco

I am the author of "Dynasties of the Sea: The Untold Stories of teh Postwar Shipping Pioneers", "Opportunity Knocking: Lessons from Business Leaders", "Thriving in the New Economy" and "Dynasties of the Sea: The Shipowners and Financiers Who Expanded the Era of Free Trade". I'm also the Senior Talent Producer at CNBC, and known as the producer with the trillion dollar Rolodex

One thought on “Wanted Change? You got it”

  1. Saw your post today on Meredith Whitney interview vis a vis S&P reaction to Muni bond downside risk.

    I have a very bad feeling about this. I believe banks are perforce understating late/reduced/no-principal payments that they are being forced to accept in order to maintain their tax abatements for underwater housing developments. There’s some reason to think that the rating agencies are totally missing the boat here and not getting any real info from the banking sector with respect to muni’s.

    Worth a much closer look, I believe.

    Thanks for your good stuff as always.


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