What will motivate voters this Mid-Term Election?

I was talking to one of my old high school buddies, Matt Barbis today and we were talking about the Mid-Terms and why I think he should run for Congress. We were talking about the operating budget of his organization, The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation (which I might add I am now a proud board member of) and I said he should run for Congress because he manages the finances of the organization so well. He said, yeah, I don’t waste money. I told him that could be his slogan if he ran for office. We both chuckled but isn’t that the truth?

I would love to have someone in office who knew the value of a dollar. Not just going back to Uncle Sam’s printing presses and making some more. At the rate the US is going our money will have less value than monopoly money. If our deficits get any bigger, maybe the dollars should being printed in funny money colors. Its not worth as much anymore so why not? If the US government doesn’t care about the black hole of spending it has created than why not just deface the very currency they are using by printing it in different colors? I think magenta for the $100 would be nice…..

I’ve been speaking with a lot of my contacts and they are telling me they don’t think the Democrat losses will be as large as anticipated. Why? Because the Tea Party could be the GOP spoiler splitting up the vote. I guess we have to wait and see.

I love election night and politics. During a Presidential year I am working around the clock and with each primary I’m on the phones at midnight to see if a candidate wants to go on the air with us that morning. Its fun. This election will be interesting because so many things are on the line. Our economic future is in the balance. Voters need to recognize they have to vote for what is best for our nation. She is sick right now. Bloated with debt and weak from a jobless “recovery”. She needs to be nurtured back to health. A balanced diet of cutting spending and entitlements and incentivizing businesses to get back in the game is in order and needs to be followed religiously. When we go into the voting booths Nov. 2, we are essentially doctors prescribing a medication for the United States of America. The fate of our nation is in our hands.



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5 responses to “What will motivate voters this Mid-Term Election?

  1. I am staunchly independent. I can’t speak for anyone else, but what motivates me is making people humble. I don’t like career politicians, nor do I like the anti-incumbent rhetoric. It seems to be counter-productive.
    I’m glad there is this spoiler party. I think it’s about time America grew up and had more than two viable parties. Ah, if only we still had the Bull Moose Party.
    The tea partiers have reawakened my distrust of government. I identify with a lot of what they have to say, and then they go to0 far (and look at the company they keep), and it further reawakens my distrust of the GOP. The GOP Congress has their abhorrent track record over the last 14 years to blame, not the tea party. And the fact that the tea party “spoilers” are running on the GOP ticket, make me distrust them even more, as they are simply sheep in wolves clothing and most likely walk in lockstep with their masters once elected.
    Until I hear an apology for the mess we’re in (i.e. war, spending, economic woes), I’ll pick the lesser of the evils. This isn’t a vote for a Democrat, but any vote against a Republican.
    I’m ready to vote, but not for bigots. And the anti-everyone, exclusionary Republicans of today (they don’t cry wolf, they cry Muslim) won’t fool me twice. Then again, they didn’t fool me the first time.


  2. Andy Stamer

    “At the rate the US is going our money will have less value than monopoly money.”
    Not quite yet, but we do need to reign it in, when the economy actually sputters. Not just an announced end to the recession, but real jobs and people back to work.
    But it does go back to that whole Ayn Rand ‘Atlas Shrugged’ argument that was being made, where the rich could go elsewhere because they would be taxed too much. The whole thing is based on a false premise that they could go elsewhere and use their wealth elsewhere. Trillions of dollars of net worth have been lost – evaporated. Money only has value if there is confidence the economy in which it is based.
    First jobs, then major cutbacks. It’s going to hurt, but whoever can offer a real, sound solution to the first gets my vote. Dems get it for that one because they know at this point, we need to spend in order to get those jobs and that tax base back.
    Maybe in a couple years, when the Great Recession is over, a Republican will stand out who has the guts to make cuts that no matter what will be unpopular. I’ll give it to them then, but don’t bet on that.
    WPA, victory gardens, more savings, less consumerism, and we may just be better. The recession may just be the wake-up call we needed.


  3. Fred

    When I look at the Tea Party movement and the Republicans I see the Republicans as the spoilers.


  4. Tony

    Ramsey, you hit the nail on the head. Parts of the Tea Party are great but other parts are completely messed up, and mixing company with dimwits like Sarah Palin don’t help them attract fiscally aware, yet liberal minded people.

    It is the military budget that is killing us. It needs to be cut by a huge amount and that money diverted into building an infrastructure to make us energy independent. I have been waiting for any Republican who wants less taxes to actually address the bloated military budget, but God forbid they go near that one, right Lori Ann. Still waiting for your response from my tweet on that one…


    • Ramsey Tand

      I recently heard a quote from Rush Limbaugh stating when in doubt, vote for the most conservative. OK, so do we vote for Al Qaeda or Fundamental Islamists? These people are extremely conservative and their goals align greatly with the Christian Right. I doubt this is what Limbaugh meant since his diatribes are targeted only to white Christian males.
      Again, I will not vote for such people or with such king makers as their skewed take on reality is so hypocritical and contradictory, that I could not trust a word.
      It is only when we lose everything, that we have anything.


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