“Owned” by China- Country Bumpkins Have Had Enough

I was driving my three kids to school yesterday, when I passed the stimulus funding sign on the side of the road and it looked different. I took me a couple of seconds and then it hit me. In black spray paint someone wrote, “Paid by China”. I would have stopped to take a picture but it was too late (I’ll do it today on my berry). Folks, I live in “The country”. The town I live in has two lights in it (and they are back to back) and
we co-exist with bear, deer and coyote.

The pounding of the China drums has been getting louder. From Congressman saying there will come a time when China says enough about funding Medicare and other programs to the soaring price of gold which of course is a reflection of the dollar. Some are predicting the handoff of world super power to China will be earlier than once thought.

Seeing the spray paint on the sign is just another indication that people have had enough. I’m glad my kids didn’t see it because then I would have had to answer their questions about why is China paying for this small section of road that was repaved.

As gold continues on its climb and the deficit gets larger and larger you have to wonder when China will cry “Uncle” to Uncle Sam. Some “country bumpkins” have had enough.


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One response to ““Owned” by China- Country Bumpkins Have Had Enough

  1. Lori Ann, if driving up and down I-5 last year between LA and San Francisco, you would have seen many signs about “Congress created dust bowl” across vast empty acreage. Apparently, seed, fertilizer and irrigation water costs were skyrocketing, so farmers just stopped farming. With prices of most commodities up (including agriculture), the Fed may get what they desire: higher inflation. It’s the classic case of “be careful what you wish for–you may get it.”


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