Looking for Leadership

Are you tired of the mudslinging? While its “fun” to read or watch the jabs and put downs does it really address the economic future we as a nation face? Nope. I’ve been talking to a lot of my contacts on Wall Street and they tell me they are looking to hear substance from both sides- not just verbal rank outs.

What makes this midterm election so important is the outcome could influence the future of the historic policies that were passed in the past two years- healthcare and financial reform. I was talking to Dick Armey yesterday who told me if the GOP take the House the first item on the agenda would be to reverse healthcare.

Wall Street Insiders tell me for the good of our nation, we can’t have extremes on either side. We need to have moderates, those in the center who will work together. To have true “bipartisanship” to tackle the measures to curb our deficit. Sometimes I wonder if either side really knows the definition of that word.

One of my contacts, Bill Beach from the Heritage Foundation told me the new congress next year has three months to get its act together when it comes to curbing the deficit. Let’s hope the makeup of the next Congress like to play together in the sandbox.


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One response to “Looking for Leadership

  1. Lori Ann, it has become very wearisome.

    I am getting sick of the mud flying all over the place. And at this point I think they only fall to that model anymore because they have no answers of substance in the first place. The mud has become one thick smokescreen so that they can just get in and get a golden government parachute. The only one I’ve found that offers any kind of substance is Governor Christie in NJ.


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