Finding Your Essence

albert einstein

I am a huge quotes person. When a phrase connects with me I write it down, I highlight them in books. Even in my own books I highlight them (in both Dynasties of the Sea and in Opportunity Knocking I have a special section of some of the the quotes that resonated with me. :))

Einstein’s quote above pretty much sums up who I am. It all goes back to being comfortable with who you are and what you want to be. We should never stop evolving in life. It’s a journey where we should grow and leave our mark- reach our own definition of “world domination” and be the best we can be. Your essence is a living breathing piece of you. It needs to be cared for. You do that by making conscious decisions on how you live your life. That’s why following the “Opportunity Pyramid” is so important.

It is hard to look at the positives of a disappointing or challenging situation, but there are always options and learning opportunities to take. Your essence the way you define yourself will help you get through whatever it is you are faced with. Just remember that all your decisions must go back to how you define yourself.

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