How to be Happy


John Lennon sums it up pretty nicely here. In the end when you look back at your life you want to make a positive mark. As Nicky Pappadakis, a successful shipping titan once told me, “Working with a happy heart shows.” Life is too short not to be happy with what you are doing. I can say 110% that I am happy. Can you?

You need to have the courage to stand up and say to yourself “I deserve more”, “I want to pursue my dream”. You don’t have to leave your present job right here and now but you can lay down the foundation to achieving your dreams.

It took Jory DesJardins Jory-Des-Jardins

of BlogHer three attempts to leave her safe job. Surround yourself with positive people, make a “to do happy checklist” and mark it off one by one. My check list is the “Opportunity Pyramid” 🙂

It might take sometime to achieve your goals but it’s an awesome journey of discovery 🙂

Don’t misunderstand happiness and success with money. Money helps but it doesn’t make you happy.


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One response to “How to be Happy

  1. Hey Lori Ann, Great post! I agree, journey of discovery is awesome. It;s full of twists and turns and challenges. You get to learn so many valuable lessons while on your way to achieving your goals.

    As Ernest Hemingway put it, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”


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