PSA of Idiotcy, Not On Abduction Awareness

In Sequim, WA. A group trying to put a PSA together on child abduction not only totally backfired it was so stereotypical it was not even helpful.

First of all not only did they not give parents at the park a heads up or the cops they were doing this PSA. They were also misconstruding what a stranger looks like.. The stranger abductors in this “PSA” were wearing stereotypical ski masks. Really folks? Strangers that prey on our kids look just like you and me. They are not all ugly, creepy individuals.

The cops may be pressing charges against these individuals. They should be charged with stupidity. If you want to really empower kids, give them the tools on how not get grabbed- don’t give them bad information on being on the lookout for a ski masked man.

Rose Brucia does not scare families. I am appalled at the poorly thoughtout “PSA”. Empower our kids and families NOT scare them with poor information and stereotypes.


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