Never Take Anything For Granted

We all know the phrase, “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone” and while this phrase is usually associated with a person it’s also about YOU. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in the moment we fail to give oursleves the greatest gift- appreciation of who we are and what we are doing.

We work hard. We need to give ourselves a thank you by relishing in the moment. I am lucky, I do what I love but even living my dream sometimes I too get caught up. I have learned over the years the importance of taking a moment to soak it in. Why? because if you don’t take a snapshot in your mind and internalize that moment you’ll forget.

In a world of #selfies sometimes its great to just take a mental selfie. This week my publisher, Agate invited me out to participate in “Printer’s Row” in Chicago where authors come and speak and meet with readers. I have never been to the Windy City so I figured why not?

I participated in a great discussion on “Lessons from the C-Suite” and I got to meet the publishing team behind “Opportunity Knocking” in person.



I might never have this opportunity again so I paused and soaked in my experiences- from speaking, to eating a fabuluous meal at Gibson’s Steakhouse.

I did ask a couple of people to take a few pictures of me so I could show my kids, but for a moment in everything I did I took a mental picture. If you don’t take time to pause, reflect and appreciate you take for granted how far you have come. Success isn’t defined by a bank account. It’s based on happiness. We all want to achieve what I call “World Domination”. Our journey through life is filled with potholes, detours, peaks and valleys. We owe it to ourselves to appreciate everymoment.

From happiness to the fear of failure, every experience we have defines and shapes us to who we are today. We owe it to ourselves to remember and never take anything for granted.

If you are inspired by what you read pls click here and order your copy of Opportunity Knocking.


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