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Praise for “Opportunity Knocking”

“Lori Ann LaRocco shares real-world examples from some of the world’s smartest, most innovative leaders about how they prepare for, identify and embrace opportunities. Weaving in her own analysis, experiences and wisdom, she shows readers how to apply these leaders’ strategies and lessons to their own unique circumstances.”SUCCESS magazine

“A must-read filled with big ideas from some of the best in business. LaRocco breaks down the steps to achieving success with a unique and actionable strategy. Compelling.” Donald Trump, The Trump Organization

“An excellent book and a must read! Lori Ann [LaRocco] has effectively captured key leadership best practices from which we can all learn and truly benefit. She has shown us a clear path to success in business. Her format and organization of the material is itself a benchmark best practice. This has now become my go-to handbook.” Bob Nardelli, Former Chairman and CEO of Home Depot and Chrysler; Founder, Chairman and CEO of XLR-8

“In her latest book, LaRocco targets a wide audience—company owners, employees, and entrepreneurs—looking for inspiration and guidance in furthering their careers…[providing] a slew of engaging profiles of business leaders.” —Publishers Weekly

“Great writer, interviewer, and conceptual thinker—Lori Ann LaRocco has it all.” —Ron Baron, Chairman and CEO, Baron Capital Group

“The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is successful people do all the things unsuccessful people don’t want to do…when an opportunity presents itself. It is those who take action—time after time—that finally succeed, regardless of the adversity that presents itself. Lori Ann LaRocco breaks down these differences nicely in her book, Opportunity Knocking.”John Paul Dejoria, CEO & Co-Founder John Paul Mitchell Systems and CEO Patrón Spirits Company

“Lori Ann LaRocco has the access and knowledge that brings a different perspective to the economy, finance and executives. She strikes a cord with the readers and helps them see business and executives in a different light.” Mike Jackson, Chairman and CEO of AutoNation

Praise for “Dynasties of the Sea: The Shipowners and Financiers Who Ushered the Era of Free Trade”

“Dynasties of the Sea is a must read for anyone. Lori Ann LaRocco’s captures the big ideas and backgrounds of these shipping titans who tend to stay out of the spotlight. This book is engaging and emphasizes shipping’s vital role in free trade and how important capitalism is to the growth of the global economy. Powerful!” – Donald Trump, Trump Organization Chairman

Dynasties of the Sea captures the rich history and the key players of the shipping industry, bringing to public attention the critical role shippers have played in driving international trade and our global economy.” – Jay Timmons, National Association of Manufacturers CEO

“Lori Ann LaRocco’s enlightening efforts highlighting the value Free Trade brings to all our lives…prove what Sir Walter Raleigh wrote four centuries ago ‘whosoever commands the sea commands the trade.'”– US Congressman Kevin Brady, Chairman, US House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Trade & Vice Chairman of Joint Economic Committee

Dynasties of the Sea offers a fascinating analysis of the shipping industry’s contribution to the economic expansion and the importance of global trade. A worthwhile read for both the novice and professional.” – Governor Rick Scott (R-FL)

“Lori Ann LaRocco has done it again, this time masterfully chronicling one of the world’s oldest and most respected businesses…no one has brought to life this story of maritime commerce…better than LaRocco. Dynasties of the Sea should be required reading…I recommend enthusiastically.” – Russell S. Reynolds, Jr., CEO, RSR Partners

“To get a clear view on what makes the global economy tick, you should read Dynasties of the Sea. Lori Ann LaRocco’s profiles of the colorful captains of the global shipping industry provide a unique insight into why they’ve succeeded and what powers global growth.” – Mark Zandi, Chief Economist

“China’s opening and the collapse of Soviet Communism have been among the two most important economic events of the last generation. The results have seen more than three billion new consumers welcomed into the global marketplace. Trade has expanded and the world is more and more economically interdependent.  But there are key players, traders, shippers and entrepreneurs behind these trends, and their stories have been brilliantly brought to light by Dynasties of the Sea . This unique read is an important contribution in truly understanding the direction of today’s global economy.”- Jon Huntsman, Jr. Former Utah Governor and Former United States Ambassador to China

Praise “Thriving in the New Economy”

Thriving in the New Economy is a must-read for anyone who wants to think big. Leaders are people who can look at a crisis and act accordingly. This book has strategies from business leaders who do just that. Lori Ann LaRocco sits down with some of the biggest and brightest minds on Wall Street and has them open up and tell their stories in a compelling, page-turning book.”
—Donald Trump, Chairman and President, The Trump Organization

“Lori Ann’s book is a fast read and gives some interesting perspectives on the disaster that we’re currently coming out of and some predictions for the calamity that we are now facing.”
—Bernie Marcus, cofounder of Home Depot and Chairman, Marcus Foundation

A fascinating analysis of the recent American financial markets directly from the mouths of major participants, all of whom are unusually articulate and able to convert complex issues into easily understood concepts. A must-read for both the novice and the professional, yet in a style that makes for easy and enjoyable reading.”
—<Leonard Stern, Chairman and CEO, Hartz Group

“Lori Ann LaRocco has edited and written a compendium from a group of successful innovators and investors . . . it is a very worthwhile read. Our thanks to her for doing this.”
—John Gutfreund, former CEO, Salomon Brothers and President, Gutfreund &amp; Company


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  1. Hello Lori Ann,
    I have read your book Dynasties of the sea and found it really excitng. I am myself a journalst and the the memont I ve air a maritime hstory / autobiography book project on
    Please check it out and tell me what you think
    Feel free to Like & Share
    Panayotis Raissis


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