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Kick Off to World Domination!!!

Monday officially kicks off the launch of “Opportunity Knocking” and I’m very excited. The responses I have received from my BlogHer interview, the four-star review from Success magazine and my pieces were fabulous. For those interested, here is a list of my appearances this coming week so far:


Monday, March 17th, CNBC Squawk Box 6:50amET

Monday, March 17th, “Car Concerns” 9:30amET (nationally syndicated or click on link to listen live on your computer!)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: WCBS 880am- “Women in Business” at 9:51amET (if not in Tri-State area, click on link to listen live on your computer!)

Thursday: WOR 710am- “Money Matters” at 2:22pmET  (if not in Tri-State area, click on link to listen live on your computer!)

Please order a hard copy or Kindle version of my book Opportunity Knocking Lessons from Business Leaders. 


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Fed Up?– Time to Start Building Your Future!!!

Ever feel like you’re in a rut a work?  Caddy co-workers, your boss never gives you any credit or feedback? You’re not alone. Heaven knows I have been there. So what can you do to remedy the situation? Better yourself. Get out of there!!! We all need to know our strengths and weaknesses- that’s how we grow. What I have found out over the course of my twenty plus years in journalism is, no matter what the industry all leaders use the same strategies to achieve success. I even use them in my daily life as a mom of three.

Self awareness is the greatest tool we have to better ourselves. It’s also the first level of the ‘Opportunity Pyramid’ in my new book, “Opportunity Knocking.” You need to be brutally honest with yourself. NO EXCUSES! If you don’t do that you are not going to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.  Here’s an excerpt from this level of the Pyramid from Evercore Partner’s Ralph Schlosstein who I focused this level of the pyramid on:

(below is an excerpt of Opportunity Knocking copyright Lori Ann LaRocco)

” Over the course of building a foundation, every good leader employs strategies based on their strengths. Since Schlosstein is in private equity, his strategies are all about identifying the best investments to make. But these strategies can actually be applied to any type of business, since all business owners and even workers want to grow and gain market share:

  • Set financial objectives: “You can’t ignore the financial objectives. You have to have your view on your expected return; how much capital, if any, that business will take; and, if you are starting a company, what’s the burn rate until it gets to an income-producing business rather than an income-eating business. You need to have a very disciplined financial perspective.”
  • Focus on present market conditions: “You need to carefully assess the market environment in which you are competing. Is there really a need in the marketplace for what you are proposing to do?”
  • Look at your company’s skill set: “You have to clearly look at what skill set or talent pool is needed to succeed in a meaningful way in that opportunity. Sometimes you can find the right opportunity but your business may not have the necessary ingredients to successfully capture that opportunity or your business may have some significant competitive disadvantages to be a winner in that market. That is something you cannot ignore. You need to have discipline about carrying forward on the things where you do have a competitive advantage, while ignoring the opportunities in areas where you don’t have a meaningful competitive advantage.”
  • Execute: “Figuring out a business strategy is relatively simple compared to making sure that you execute it well. Execution I think is the bigger challenge. The fundamental building block to good execution is a realistic view of what your company is good at.”

You can combine Schlosstein’s four strategies to form a base identity from which your business or your career will grow. Then, once that base is established, you need to grow a culture that will nourish it. According to Schlosstein, this is key to success for companies. Culture is the glue that holds almost all businesses together. Maintaining culture can be difficult if you are growing rapidly or if you expand through a merger. However, companies with weak cultures underachieve or fail.”

Please order a hard copy or Kindle version of my book Opportunity Knocking Lessons from Business Leaders.  

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Goldmember would love the uncertainity right now

To quote Nobel Peace Prize for Literature Playwrite and poet, Rabindranath Tagore “Night’s darkness is the bag that bursts with the gold of the dawn.” It is literally happening this fine Friday morning as Gold futures hit the trading high of $1,300 an ounce.

As part of my contract at CNBC I am not allowed to own any individual stock, metals- nothing. I just have my 401k and pension. So when I write about anything at least you know I have no agenda and I’m not pumping something up for my gain.

The uncertainty of the U.S. economy got even cloudier Thursday after that lack luster jobs number and the over all “global recovery” is just fueling that fear. Jobless claims “unexpectedly rose” again to 465,000 in the week ending Sept. 18. With all this news, investors are worried about the economic future so they are flying to the safety of the precious metal. Gold bugs are buzzing with glee this morning because let’s face it, the uncertainty will continue and grow and gold will probably continue to go higher.

The Middle Class continues to get squeezed–Prices are rising everywhere when it comes to the consumer staples. The jobs outlook is probably status quo now with the Bush Tax Cuts being tabled for the Lame Duck Session. I could go on but to be honest, I just woke up and I don’t want to be too negative.

So the gold rally continues and will probably steam ahead. To end this blog I’ll book end it with another quote, but this one from the brilliant actor/comedian, Mike Myers in Goldmember: “I love gooooooold.” Cheer on gold bugs, cheer on.


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Double Dip? Don’t Rule it–Out One on One with Jack Bogle

Listening to CNBC’s Squawk Box on my way into work today I can honestly say I was not surprised by the lack luster jobs number. You have to have your head in the sand not to realize the weekly jobless claims would “unexpectedly jump” by 12,000. I tell you where do some of these economists live? Under a rock? Get out of your swanky, posh digs and go food shopping. Get in touch with the real people! The real unemployment rate is above 18%. Sigh……

One person I always go to for a reality check is Mutual Fund legend Jack Bogle. My interview on with him today is red hot 🙂 Jack tells it like it is. And he agrees with me, economic data is not the end all and be all in assessing the health of the economy.

Double Dip is a Reality

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What will motivate voters this Mid-Term Election?

I was talking to one of my old high school buddies, Matt Barbis today and we were talking about the Mid-Terms and why I think he should run for Congress. We were talking about the operating budget of his organization, The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation (which I might add I am now a proud board member of) and I said he should run for Congress because he manages the finances of the organization so well. He said, yeah, I don’t waste money. I told him that could be his slogan if he ran for office. We both chuckled but isn’t that the truth?

I would love to have someone in office who knew the value of a dollar. Not just going back to Uncle Sam’s printing presses and making some more. At the rate the US is going our money will have less value than monopoly money. If our deficits get any bigger, maybe the dollars should being printed in funny money colors. Its not worth as much anymore so why not? If the US government doesn’t care about the black hole of spending it has created than why not just deface the very currency they are using by printing it in different colors? I think magenta for the $100 would be nice…..

I’ve been speaking with a lot of my contacts and they are telling me they don’t think the Democrat losses will be as large as anticipated. Why? Because the Tea Party could be the GOP spoiler splitting up the vote. I guess we have to wait and see.

I love election night and politics. During a Presidential year I am working around the clock and with each primary I’m on the phones at midnight to see if a candidate wants to go on the air with us that morning. Its fun. This election will be interesting because so many things are on the line. Our economic future is in the balance. Voters need to recognize they have to vote for what is best for our nation. She is sick right now. Bloated with debt and weak from a jobless “recovery”. She needs to be nurtured back to health. A balanced diet of cutting spending and entitlements and incentivizing businesses to get back in the game is in order and needs to be followed religiously. When we go into the voting booths Nov. 2, we are essentially doctors prescribing a medication for the United States of America. The fate of our nation is in our hands.


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The debate on Fannie and Freddie is picking up steam with the two camps (one on eliminating them totally to the full blown nationalization of them) voicing their opinion of why their option is the right choice for America. I sat down with Jim Lockhart to talk about what he thinks needs to be done with them.
NET NET Column- Intv with Jim Lockhart

What do you think should be done with Fannie and Freddie?

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Is Wall Street More in Touch with the Economic Woes Than the President?

I’m back from DC and I am just as frustrated as ever. I think the message is loud and clear–things will not change. Sigh. Oh well, a little over a month away from the Mid-Terms!!!

I have two interviews I want to share with you. I think it shows that some CEOs are more in touch with the problems of our economy than our Administration. I’ll blog some more later but here you go:

Dick Armey Strikes Back, CEOs on Obama Rhetoric

Obama Could Use \'A Larger Dose of Realism\': Wayne Huizenga


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