PSA of Idiotcy, Not On Abduction Awareness

In Sequim, WA. A group trying to put a PSA together on child abduction not only totally backfired it was so stereotypical it was not even helpful.

First of all not only did they not give parents at the park a heads up or the cops they were doing this PSA. They were also misconstruding what a stranger looks like.. The stranger abductors in this “PSA” were wearing stereotypical ski masks. Really folks? Strangers that prey on our kids look just like you and me. They are not all ugly, creepy individuals.

The cops may be pressing charges against these individuals. They should be charged with stupidity. If you want to really empower kids, give them the tools on how not get grabbed- don’t give them bad information on being on the lookout for a ski masked man.

Rose Brucia does not scare families. I am appalled at the poorly thoughtout “PSA”. Empower our kids and families NOT scare them with poor information and stereotypes.


Stranger Alert- What Your Teen, Child Needs to Know!

While I was making dinner Sunday evening, I was listening to my local news station, WABC-7. In the New Jersey town, Leonia, a man is targeting young woman ranging from the age of 12-16.  It compelled me to write this blog. We need to empower our children. The girls that were targeted all did the right thing:  They kept their distance from the predator, went to a business to get an authority figure to let them know what was going on. The teen was able to identify one of the letters in the license plate.  It doesn’t matter what season- predators are out there. Even in the bold chilling cold as these attempted abductions took place. Please go to and click on the free curriculum tab. There you will get all the info you need to empower your children. Knowledge is power. Here are some tips you can share right how. I’m Lori Ann LaRocco and I practice Stranger Safety– Do you??


Stand face to face with a friend. Stay far enough apart so you cannot touch each other. In other words, keep a personal space between you both. Now, copy the actions of the other person: if they smile, you smile; if they frown, you frown. Lift your left arm. Keep in place and do other motions. Look to see the other person’s reaction. It’s almost like Simon Says. Now, take one step forward. This is where this activity is different than Simon Says. In this activity called MIRRORING, as one person steps forward, the other person steps BACKWARDS! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE ACTIVITY. Practice it again and again. Make it into a habit. Change how many steps are taken. Try it with two steps. Now try it with a third step. IF PERSON MOVING FORWARD TAKES A THIRD STEP, THE PERSON MOVING BACKWARDS TURNS AND RUNS AWAY.


Practice this at home with your family. Remember, practice makes it a strong habit. Stranger Safety is not something you know about. It is a part of your everyday habits. It can become a skill.

Pretend you are Red Riding Hood and you are going to Grandma’s house. Use the following pages to make a Wolf hand puppet and use it to help you tell your family how you would get there as safely as possible. Remember the mistakes Red made and try not to make them yourself.

Everyone at the Rose Brucia Educational Foundation urges you to proudly say, I PRACTICE STRANGER SAFETY!

It’s All About TRUST!

As we head into Halloween, it’s important to empower our children. Please read and pass along!!


By Matthew Barbis, Founder & Chairman

The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation

One key component of The Stranger Safety Awareness Program is centered around the word “Trust”.  When we dissect the word “Trust”, you can see that the word is held together by the letters “u” & “s”.  Our Educational Coordinator, Patrick Chierichella, likes to point out that when you examine the word “Trust”, you can see a bridge created by “us”.  Pat concludes that without “us”, meaning the two people involved, you and me, there can be no trust – it takes both of “us” to trust one another.  A bond needs to be formed.  Before you can trust someone, some type of relationship needs to be established.

In our very first lesson of The Stranger Safety Awareness Program, we discuss the need for a formal introduction.  In early childhood, these introductions are controlled by our parents.  Later, as we…

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Disarming Deception- Lessons Learned from Castro Kidnappings- How to Protect Your Children

The chilling new details on how Castro kidnapped Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus left me so angry I had to call my dear friend and founder of the Rose Brucia Educational Foundation Matt Barbis.

The promise of a puppy for Michelle Knight’s toddler’s son turned my blood cold. “It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book.” Matt agreed in disgust.

Channel surfing on satellite radio I was listening to CNN and in one of their reports they reenacted how a kidnapper can used a puppy to lure children. Unfortunately the actor “kidnapper” was successful.

One of the very first lessons Rose Brucia created years ago was on the puppy scenario:

Here is the lesson plan you can use to help further empower and educate your children:

Sadly the kidnappings of Berry and DeJesus was just another tool used by the sick and depraved- familiarity. Both Berry and Dejesus knew him. But just because you are familiar with someone doesn’t mean you get in a car with them. Here is where the “Safety Word” comes in.  Do you have a safety word with your children? Its a word only you and your kids know and if someone other than yourself is going to pick them up, they need to know it. If not, the child does not get in the car.  Again, another lesson RB has been teaching for years.  Here is the link to the video:

Rose Brucia continues to add school districts to their roster of practicing stranger safety and the push in Washington continues albeit I recently got another round of lip flap of promises.

Matt’s 11 year old cousin Carlie may physically be gone from this world, her life taken by the hands of a monster, but her spirit lives on in this organization by the people who continue to educate children on the tricks strangers use and how to safely get out of an attempted abduction through techniques like mirroring.

Matt and Pat Chierichella (Educational Coordinator) recently performed a stranger safety class at Hidden Acres Equestrian Facility in West Milford New Jersey to 18 children ranging from 7-13.  When Matt told the story of his cousin’s abduction to the older kids in a special session, one of the girl’s lips started to tremble. It’s a cold reality kids need to know.

As a parent of three children I want to empower my kids, make them not only book smart but street smart as well. All too often in this politically correct world we live in our children are presented with a rosier picture of the world. This does not help them. It makes them venerable. It’s time to take off the rose colored glasses and see what kind of world we live in. There are sick monsters out there both online and on our streets. The time is now to sit down with our kids and  give them the tools to be safe.

Deception can be disarmed- with knowledge.



Time to Stand Up for the Innocent

This morning I was on Facebook and read a heartbreaking story of Charish Perriwinkle, an 8 year old Florida girl who was shopping in a store with her mom and was abducted and murdered.

It’s stories like this that drove me to become part of the Rose Brucia Educational Foundation. The organization provides free stranger safety education to schools and parents around the world. One of my friends from Junior High, Matthew Barbis created the organization after his 11 year old cousin Carlie Brucia was abducted and murdered on her way home in Sarasota. Her abduction was the first ever caught on tape and created national headlines.

What I have found during my time on the board is my growing frustration with the educational and political system in this country to get such a program in place at schools. The U.S. Department of Education met with Matt and Patrick Chierichella, Rose Brucia’s Educational Coordinator a couple of years ago and they said they love the program but they can’t suggest schools in putting it in? Why not? We have the ‘no child left behind’ mandate?

I’ve personally met with Governors like Scott Walker who were interested in the program only to have the foundation knock their head against a cement wall with his lower level government workers who wouldn’t return calls or emails. A bi-partisan House Resolution created by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WY) and Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) to declare a stranger safety day has been sitting in the Judiciary Committee for two years now. I was told by several of my hill contacts the reason is not only because the House decided not to pass anymore resolutions because of the flagrant abuse of passing hundreds but because “We haven’t done anything in years and we don’t want to catch flak that we are passing honorary days instead of working…. Like sitting down with the senate and passing a budget.” Sigh, even our kid’s safety are caught up in the disfunction of Washington.

The time is now to protect our kids. Spread the word on how we can keep our kids safe. You don’t have to be an educator to teach these tips to your kids. The videos and the how-to’s are all there for you broken down. I’m’ Lori Ann LaRocco and I practice stranger safety with my kids- do you?