Editorial Book Reviews

Dynasties of the Sea: The Untold Stories of the Postwar Shipping Pioneers

“Modern manufacturing in America owes a great debt to the pioneers who charted the trading routes we rely on today. The strength of America’s manufacturing industry and the livelihoods of American manufacturing workers depend on the ability to sell our products to the 95 percent of the world’s customers that live outside our borders and across the oceans. Lori Ann LaRocco’ s compelling look at the expansion of global trade by these maritime leaders helps reveal how our modern economy came to be—and how free enterprise has expanded around the world. In doing so, it offers a look at some the key the forces that helped shape the vibrant, modern manufacturing industry building America today.”- Jay Timmons, National Association of Manufacturers, President and CEO

“LaRocco presents a riveting account on the paramount role of the maritime industry in furtherance of international trade. The maritime leaders interviewed by LaRocco reveal great insight on the value of their respective contributions. A must read!”- Mario Cordero Executive Director, Port of Long Beach & Former Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission

“It is hard to imagine a more entertaining or better way to learn about the modern shipping industry than through the profiles of those who have helped shape it.  Captured in these pages is an interesting mix of leaders who come from many countries and backgrounds, and who have impacted the industry in many different ways. What makes Lori Ann’s approach particularly effective is that she includes hard information along with biography.  You get source materials that explain and help put key issues into context.  It makes for an extremely informative and enjoyable read.” – Michael Roberts, Crowley Maritime


Opportunity Knocking

“In her latest book, LaRocco targets a wide audience– company owners, employees, entrepreneurs– looking for inspiration and guidance in furthering their careers… (providing) a slew of Engaging profiles of business leaders.” — Publishers Weekley

“An excellent book and a must read! Lori Ann [LaRocco] has effectively captured key leadership best practices from which we can all learn and truly benefit. She has shown us a clear path to success in business. Her format and organization of the material is itself a benchmark best practice. This has now become my go-to handbook.” —Bob Nardelli, Former Chairman and CEO of Home Depot and Chrysler; Founder, Chairman and CEO of XLR-8

“Lori Ann [LaRocco] gets some of the biggest names in business to share their secrets to success…Her insight is extremely valuable.” — Lucky Magazine

“Opportunity has a way of making a soft tap-tap on your door. Smart entrepreneurs listen for these signals—they have ears specifically attuned to the sound…. Lori Ann LaRocco, focuses on the sound of these opportunities—from how to take advantage of a burgeoning industry to how to take on a challenge that’s bigger than just one company.” —Inc.

“Lori Ann LaRocco shares real-world examples from some of the world’s smartest, most innovative leaders about how they prepare for, identify and embrace opportunities. Weaving in her own analysis, experiences and wisdom, she shows readers how to apply these leaders’ strategies and lessons to their own unique circumstances.”—SUCCESS magazine

“Filled with examples of CEOs pushing through adversity.” — CIO Magazine

Dynasties of the Sea: The Shipowners and Financiers Who Expanded the Era of Free Trade

“When executives are profiled in a hardcover book – especially one with a flattering title – they tend to be more forthcoming than they would in an interview for a magazine article. That’s what makes Dynasties of the Sea by CNBC senior talent producer Lori Ann LaRocco so relevant. She has enticed telling quotes on cycle timing from some of shipping’s top players.” – Greg Miller, Fairplay

“Have you ever wondered how shipping pioneers got their start? How they built and lost vast fortunes and lived to tell the tale? LaRocco has a great way of getting their amazing personal stories.” – Jill Bennett, Vancouver News Radio

“If you think the shipping industry is boring – you’ve got to read Dynasties of the Sea.” – Gary Goldberg, Money Matters

“LaRocco’s work chronicles the exploits of the likes of John Fredriksen and right-hand man Tor Olav Trøim, Nicholas Pappadakis and Philippe Louis-Dreyfus, public-company leaders Angeliki Frangou, Peter Evensen, Robert Bugbee and Morten Arntzen, and even bankers Dagfinn Lunde and Michael Parker.” – Joe Brady, TradeWinds

“To get a clear view on what makes the global economy tick, you should read Dynasties of the Sea. Lori Ann LaRocco’s profiles of the colorful captains of the global shipping industry provide a unique insight into why they’ve succeeded and what powers global growth.” – Mark Zandi, Chief Economist, Moody’s Analytics

Thriving in the New Economy

“The beauty of this book is the interviews were conducted during the greatest credit crisis in a century.”  Cheat Sheet.

“Lori Ann’s book is a fast read and gives some interesting perspectives on the disaster that we’re currently coming out of and some predictions for the calamity that we are now facing.”
—BERNIE MARCUS, cofounder of Home Depot and Chairman, Marcus Foundation

“A fascinating analysis of the recent American financial markets directly from the mouths of major participants, all of whom are unusually articulate and able to convert complex issues into easily understood concepts. A must-read for both the novice and the professional, yet in a style that makes for easy and enjoyable reading.”
—LEONARD STERN, Chairman and CEO, Hartz Group

“Lori Ann LaRocco has edited and written a compendium from a group of successful innovators and investors . . . it is a very worthwhile read. Our thanks to her for doing this.”
—John Gutfreund, former CEO, Salomon Brothers and President, Gutfreund & Company