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Known as the “television producer with the trillion-dollar Rolodex”, Lori Ann LaRocco is the senior talent producer for CNBC’s Squawk Box and the author of several leadership and financial books that take readers into the minds of some of the world’s most influential business leaders.

As a motivation, culture and leadership expert, LaRocco has been featured on CNBC, The Washington Post, Newsday, ABC News and Politico.

LaRocco has delighted audiences from Oregon to Fort Lauderdale with her message of how to unlock your inner leader using the Opportunity Pyramid, a process LaRocco developed to help people build success using seven specific strategies.

A big believer in teaching by example, LaRocco encourages her three children to reach for their dreams through hard work and believing in themselves.

Lori Ann is available for both webinars and speaking engagements.


“We at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) had the great pleasure of hosting Lori Ann LaRocco for the Washington launch of her new book ‘Opportunity Knocking: Lessons from Business Leaders.’ And what an opportunity it was! CSIS works closely with the world’s top business leaders and elected officials in order to make sound policy recommendations. Opportunity Knocking provides unprecedented insight into some of the world’s most successful CEO’s and offers a road map for how they achieve their goals—lessons our leaders in Washington should pay attention to. Practical, intellectually honest and chock full of enjoyable anecdotes, advice and lessons learned, Lori Ann has crafted a book that anyone who wants to achieve success should consider a must read.”

H. Andrew Schwartz
Senior Vice President, External Relations
Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)

“Lori Ann was brilliant and had a keen understanding of the world’s obstacles to progress. She was professional and put the audience at their ease. Everyone in the audience walked away with a new perspective on the economy and financial market.”
Marc Cannon, Senior Vice President and Public Policy, AutoNation

“Lori Ann La Rocco gave a presentation about her new book “Opportunity Knocking” to many of the business leaders in The Township of West Milford, NJ. In attendance were members of The Town Council, The Chamber of Commerce, The Rotary, The Highlands Economic Development and Tourism Corp., The Economic Development Commission, and the general public. Lori Ann gave a passionate, motivational presentation and relayed her experiences with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, and business leaders in the world. Lori Ann’s experience and commitment came through, as she spoke about her model for success. Most of the attendees were inspired by what they heard and stayed long after the presentation to network and discuss business strategy. Lori Ann made herself available until the end of the night to answer questions and participate in the discussion. We also managed to have some fun along the way,”
Stu Feldman, President West Milford Chamber or Commerce, Owner tecHHoma Computer Service

“Lori Ann LaRocco’s new book Opportunity Knocking was an insightful excellent read about how leaders think and grow their business. When she spoke to my organization, she did an amazing job of giving our members the insiders view of great leaders, was terrific at answering the audiences questions and stayed to speaking with and take pictures with anyone who was interested in meeting her,” Marc Kramer, executive director of the Angel Venture Fair

To schedule Lori Ann for a webinar or speaking engagement please call: Cynthia Zigmund: 920.868.1333 cynthia@secondcitypublishing.com
Lori Ann can be reached via email at loriann.larocco@nbc.com

Watch Lori Ann’s Presentation before the Union Club of Chicago

Watch Lori Ann’s speaking fireside chat engagement at CSIS

Lori Ann’s bio

Lori Ann press

General Audience Presentation Synopsis

Corporate Presentation Synopsis


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