The Three Essential Qualities to a Solid and Healthy Career/ Business Foundation


In order to have a successful career or business you need to have a high self-awareness so you can achieve your goals. Knowing your strengths and how to capitalize on them and work on your weaknesses are two critical pieces to building a solid foundation, but success is not built by one person alone.

Success is achieved with the efforts of a collaborative, supportive team of individuals. While each person on the team has the same passion and drive– what makes them different in their strengths is the secret to the success sauce 🙂

When building your team as well as you own foundation, I have put together a quick check that sums up the foundation qualities I believe are needed to help fortify a solid base so you can achieve your destiny:


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Why Manners and Business Go Hand in Hand

Have you ever gone into a business or have spoken to someone on the phone from a company and they were rude? Who hasn’t! Manners go a long way when dealing with the public but what about in the office?

Over the weekend I posted this photo of my eight year old daughter Abby making out thank you cards thanking her friends for her birthday presents.

abby letters

The response I received from friends and notes on this picture were surprising a lot. They were shocked that people actually spend the time writing thanks you’s (they did but they didn’t know how many other people out there still do). In a world where texts supersede emails and calls because they take too much time, the immediacy of the here and now have replaced that intimacy and personal connection of making time for someone. It’s not like writing letters or thank you notes takes a very long time but in a world where TY! is texted out in milliseconds, getting something in the mail just shows you someone cared enough to take a breath and say thank you. It also shows your character.

Why am I bringing this up? Because manners goes a long way in business. I have received such wonderful, handwritten personal thank you’s from some of the world’s greatest business leaders over the years and it just shows you manners still exist. Glenn Youngkin, COO of Carlyle, discussed culture and business etiquette off camera with me one day. He said, “We have two rules—always return your calls and walk people to the elevator.” Youngkin also told me they have taken notice when other executives have not done that for them and it gives them pause.

If you don’t have the common courtesy to do something as simple as walking someone to the door what does that say about you? Your leadership? How do you treat your employees? Do you say good morning to your staff or do you hole yourself up in your office? Do you say “God Bless You”, “Bless You” or “Gesundheit” when someone sneezes? Do you thank someone if they say it? (Yes I have worked where people sneeze and no one says anything and no one says thank you- pretty sad uh?)

The lesson is simple: You get the respect you give. All good leaders have manners. It’s a necessary part of your foundation. If you don’t have that, you’ll not have the support of others or a customer base that will come back. Sometimes it’s the little things that set you apart and above the rest. YOU!

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Embracing Fear and Learning from Failure

Honesty. Confidence. Determination. Passion. These are the traits all great leaders possess and what they look for in employees. How would you describe yourself? Be honest now 🙂

In order to be the best you can be you need to fuel that fire in your belly with goals that you can achieve so you can build your pyramid to success. Remember success is a personal definition. Success is based on you and your talents. The key? You need to recognize them and learn how to leverage them in a way you can achieve your goals. Why is this so important? Because success isn’t easy. It is hard work and yes sometimes you can fail along the way.

pyramid pic

Remember the road I created to show you the seven steps of success is shaped as a pyramid for a reason. Achieving your goals does not happen overnight. It takes time, patience, and nurturing. Each layer is carefully created. Your pieces need to fit together precisely, or you will fail. Your pyramid will collapse. Remember you need to be defined and strong.

You possess talents that need to be nurtured. To help you create your recipe for success. I have added here as well as a page on my blog where you can download your own Opportunity Pyramid so you can start planning on being the best you can be. Enjoy the journey you are about to embark on- remember every high and low has a reason. Garner from your mistakes.

Image: Harold Hamm
As Harold Hamm from Continental Resources, a billionaire with a high school education once told me in his classic warm, reflective tone: “I never gave up. Sometimes things don’t go your way but they can be the life shapers that prepare you to take on the next challenge…. Hardship sometimes is just as necessary as accomplishments. If it is too easy, you don’t learn the skills you need in order not to give up and achieve success.”

Please order a hard copy or Kindle version of my book Opportunity Knocking Lessons from Business Leaders.