The Three Strategies In Achieving Happiness At Work

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After a week on being at a new job, a manager says to his team. “I want you to be working so hard and focused during the week, that by  Friday I want you all to be physically and mentally spent.” The employees around the conference table were shocked. And the power of that poorly thought-out statement took root.

Do you think that motivated the employees? Absolutely not. Instead, the staff now dreads going to work. They are exhausted by Wednesday. Innovation has declined. The spark of inspiration is gone. A once motivated team of working ahead has been decimated into a shell of itself. On a hamster wheel where every day they leave work feeling like they accomplished very little. Every member of the team comments how long the week is.  The new manager? They are oblivious- holed up in their office where they can’t see the expressions on the faces of their team.  Mandates are given but no examples of what they want, just “do it”.

The only plus if you want to call it to this work environment is the team rallies together to support each other but there are better ways to encouraging employees to being there for each other.

This is not the way to lead. Arrogance and lack of communication (both seen here) are a toxic cocktail to any organization. In order to get the most out of your career or help build a healthy motivated team there are three simple strategies that must be used:

* Create your mantra- what do you stand for?

* Define what you want to achieve based on your mantra

* Give examples of how to achieve this goal and offer up to discussion

It is human nature to have a set of rules to follow. Without rules as a guide you have a disorganized, unfocused path. You need that central point to always refer to. There is a difference between being mentally fatigued and working hard. Employees do not reach their pinnacle of productivity by constantly chasing ill-defined missions. They need to be part of the plan. They need to understand what is expected of them.  Not everyone in the room may not agree on a single plan of execution, but a discussion together where everyone listens to each other, a plan will be put in place because of the collaboration of ideas discussed in that meeting.

A good company is often looked at staff retention. Tenure is more than how long a person’s been at a job. It’s about their satisfaction within the organization. Sure loyalty is part of it but let’s face it, happiness is key. Even when you achieve what I call “World Domination” you still want to be happy with what you are doing. You want to be challenged and valued. When happiness, challenge and value are not present- that’s when good talent leave.

The three strategies above focus on completing the package of success. If not, high turn-over is inevitable.


How to be Happy


John Lennon sums it up pretty nicely here. In the end when you look back at your life you want to make a positive mark. As Nicky Pappadakis, a successful shipping titan once told me, “Working with a happy heart shows.” Life is too short not to be happy with what you are doing. I can say 110% that I am happy. Can you?

You need to have the courage to stand up and say to yourself “I deserve more”, “I want to pursue my dream”. You don’t have to leave your present job right here and now but you can lay down the foundation to achieving your dreams.

It took Jory DesJardins Jory-Des-Jardins

of BlogHer three attempts to leave her safe job. Surround yourself with positive people, make a “to do happy checklist” and mark it off one by one. My check list is the “Opportunity Pyramid” 🙂

It might take sometime to achieve your goals but it’s an awesome journey of discovery 🙂

Don’t misunderstand happiness and success with money. Money helps but it doesn’t make you happy.


After the long week here is a quick piece of inspiration. After a long week- embrace yourself and love yourself! It’s the only way you will achieve your dreams 🙂 Remember you have to be your number one fan. I’m not saying be cocky. You want to be humble. Let your passion, courage and focus come through! 🙂